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I am back in Orland until September 5, then off to Europe.

Hello, found a page on Dollar General: http://www.dollarstorelocations.net/orland-in-dollar-general-store-4530

Going back to Orland to pick up my fantastic parents to help me with one of my many household movements. Parents from Orland are the best kind. I guess if you want good parents you have to go to Orland to get them. I have travelled the world all my life and my Mother has had two go to Chicago, Flint Mi., Toledo, Columbus, Indianapolis, Detroit, Cleveland, and various train stations to include Waterloo and Elkhart. Always faithful and always there. I cant wait to get back to Orland in a week.

She is also my travel partner, we have been to Asia, Europe, and all over the United States together, we travel alone and plan all our trips together. Always reading and planning our next trip. Our trip last year required we learn som French, so we just did it thru books and the internet. I have a 75 year old mother that has embraced technology and has worn out a kindle and two computers!

Orland Indiana is the best place to grow up and call home. The parents they grow there are the best. I wouldnt trade any of it for anything. I love my Orland and my Orland loves me.

Say Hi to Mom and Dad, Jerold and Sharry Graham

Hey Im visiting my Dad in Orland Indiana. We were bored and decided to google orland and found your video. Just wanted to say thanks for posting. :)

I would like some better photo for slideshow, can someone send to Andy Graham...?

Be sure and visit Dudleys True Value lumber company. Nicest, christian people in the world. If you need a plumber or whatever they will help you with a smile on their face and never act you are bothering them.

Everyone needs to go to Chubbys and have a chubby Burger and enjoy the gossip to make you want to live in Orland.

Hometown, local yokal, Andy Graham from Orland, Indiana opinion on the end of the Iraq, War written today My Trip into Iraq as a Private Citizen in 2003 and My Opinions on the End of Iraq War December 15, 2011

My Mother and Father cannot stop talking about the Snow in Orland. I am in the Dominican Republic with a beach and sun, Andy Graham http://www.hobotraveler.com/blogger.html